Friday, March 22, 2013

The Folded Page

First off, I'm experimenting with a new font, which for me is like Sophie's Choice as I know-what-I-like-&-like-what-I-know regarding text settings. But with the banal aside, Having recently finished a bookbinding course myself, I thought I'd share with you one of our lovely  papercraft designers, Rosy and her clever creation that is The Folded Page.

Landbaby met Rosy in February last year when we started to stock some of Her Heart-Books, just in time for Valentines Day. Originally, we had them here & there in the shop, as part of pretty, themed displays and they really fitted-in with other items by some of our regular artists & designers. So because of this and also because of the great reception Rosy's work received by our lovely customers, it wasn't long before we began receiving folded books in various colours, shapes, sizes & designs.

Customers (and myself!) are always so shocked to hear that Rosy doesn't use any scissors, scalples or knives in creating her small-wonders. IT'S ALL FOLDED. Which baffles me when I think back to trying to simply fold a paper aeroplane, or one of those four pointed fortune-tellers in which you were usually insulted by the end of your choosing of colours & numbers.


Whilst The Folded Page heart-books have been ideal as 'sweet nothing' gifts or Valentines Day presents, Rosy's folded-text books have equally gone down a storm; they've been a fantastic alternative to any of our albeit wonderful, prints and peices of jewellery as customers have realised the intricate work that has gone into creating such decorative items and how they'll make wonderfully personal gifts.
If however, you're not sold on a local-lass spending hours folding pages of a book into words such as 'Love', 'Hello' etc being a personal gift, then fear not! Rosy's Etsy page shows just how personal you can get with a folded- page book. Rosy makes anything from a folded celtic knot to folded initials of a loved-up couple and it's items such as these which make her work so desirable and unqiue, in that you won't be picking one these up from the Homeware dep' in John Lewis!

And like I've said before, social media goes a long way in showcasing the work of stunning artists such as Rosey; The Folded Page Facebook  has more than 1,000 'likes' and is constantly being updated with personal thoughts from Rosy, new ideas, posts of newly created books & the like. There's such an interaction with 'likers' on her page that really show why there is such love for Rosy's work from us here at Landbaby: it's inventive, intricate and ingenius and fits in so, so well with all of our other items by artists & designers. You should definitley check out a video made by Rosey showing her work from start to finish...


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