Monday, April 1, 2013


Happy (slightly belated, oops) Easter!


A typical scribbled-down week in my diary...
My very scatty mind means I have to write everything down in one of many notebooks & diaries I keep. Alas, my post for Easter gift ideas was one of those important "to-do's' that I didn't scrawl down in one place or the other, damn!
 Hopefully, I'll still keep you entertained and you can have a good nose through some of our lovely items we've got in store at the minute for you to lust after whilst feeling ridden with guilt from Easter-egg excess.

I have spent the Easter weekend sourcing gifts for the next lot of spring & summer birthdays I'm going to buy for and despite my Dad's birthday gift of a lifesize 'Ted' from the recent movie, everything else is looking to be bought from independents, creative's or secondhand... So I popped into landbaby for a browse (per usual) and found some 'definite buys' to go on the birthday present list.

A window full of faces. (Mr Bearded Cushion/s, you will be mine shortly.)
Huzzah! Probably my favourite display in the shop window so far. This beautiful display reminds me of a game of cluedo and I really want any of the cushions with the bearded men; if only to make me feel less of a man that my beard is practically non-existent....
(and they'd look ace in my new flat too, of course!)

Aside from the people-filled window, I am really loving the new range by an old-time favourite Amy Lawrence. Loads of my friends are after one of her knitted necklaces (Birthday Gift Alert!) and the new range of colours are fantastic. Definitely put these on your 'must-have' list for the coming months.....
This one opposite is my favourite colour combo'.

Now, back to the Easter related stuffs. As I said before, we have some amazing new items in store for you to lust after, but for now check out our three Easter favourites that have had some really great interest and are ones to watch for the coming months.

'Nest' by The Aviary

Victoria (one half of the super talented Aviary) kindly sent me a free printed-card of this design a few weeks ago- alongside a stunning acorn necklace for a friend- and this print is equally as stunning as the latest lot we've been exhibiting in the shop recently. Fortunately, it doesn't have "HAPPY EASTER" scrawled across the front in some garish font (my hatred for 59p cards prevails) so it would make a lovely spring birthday or occasions card too! We also have 'Nest' in print version, stacked in our lovely print stand with others by The Aviary and other designers.
Rabbit Earrings by Silk Purse, Sow's Ear
First off, you should go check out Silk Purse, Sow's Ear website now, it's packed full of wonderful jewellery curiosities that you'll be 'adding-to-cart' whilst you undoubtedly grab for that next mouthful of chocolate orange.
These new earrings are perfect for a spring gift- the design is intricate and really reminds me of illustrations of 'Alice in Wonderland'. What I really like about Silk Purse, Sow's Ear's designs is that they originate from vintage, used curiosities; which is really distinct from alot of our other wonderful designers. And they really are VINTAGE, not vintage in the 'it's-just-secondhand-so-we'll-call-it-vintage-to-seem-trendy' way. (Oh, and really reasonably priced for one off, handmade items!)

Bags by Coo & Co

Coo &Co are Landbaby's new designer this year and by golly, they have been doing super well- their newly released book has been getting some amazing press (keep an eye-out our blog post book review for this soon) and their  range of bags are currently donning the shop mantelpiece and are super popular with you beautiful customers. They come in a range of sizes and styles with stunning nature-themed designs: from moths & butterflies to in-flight little birds. All of their bags are excellently made (and look it!) and are produced one at a time in the good'old handmade fashion that we know and love.
Keep your other eye-out for the Coo &Co exhibition we'll be holding later on in the year, it's going to be equally as wonderful as our recent Aviary one and will show some stunning items & prints for sale.

I hope that you're as excited as me for the next seasons at Landbaby (but please be aware, our spring/summer collections may not reflect the 'spring'/'summer' that nature provides us with). And remember, next time you're passing, pop-in and have a gander at all the brilliant items we've got on display. The shop is looking fresh, bright and rearing to-go for the next part of the year!