Friday, February 8, 2013

"And when darknesss lifts and the room is bright I'll still be by your side for you are all that matters and I'll love you to till the day I die"

Enough of The Smiths, so, I received an email off ‘Amazon’ earlier today with lists of suggestions for Valentine’s Day. But to be honest, it made me loose a tad more faith in the internet as ‘personally recommending’ things. I’m pretty sure my fictitious, nonexistent partner would love a box set of X-Men Cartoons, an Iphone adapter and a car battery monitor....  I digress.

Valentine’s Day is upon us, six days to be exact and we’ve got so many wonderful gifts in the shop for you to pop in and gaze in wonder at. Hand crafted, homemade, one-of-a-kind shopping was most definitely made for this time of year and I can’t think of a better way to express love, fondness, giggly courtship than with a stunning item from us at Landbaby.

Please, please, please, for the sake of my sanity and your relationship, don’t settle for a Boots 3 ‘4’ 2 gift set or a Next voucher. Y our partner and the rest of society deserves better than that and I have the perfect, modestly-priced rundown of ‘Our Valentine’s Landbaby- Loves’ for your sweetheart (or just for you, if your single and Bridget Jones & a bottle of Vino aren’t doing the trick)...

**Paper Butterflies....
Now, if you’re a keen follower of our blog, or just pop into the shop on a regular basis you’ll know that the ever-so talented and unique ‘The Aviary’ are now a treasured part of the work in store with the stunning exhibition of intricate prints we have on display (come in and take a wide eyed look, it’s jaw droppingly beautiful!).

But for Valentine’s Day, we can’t think of anything prettier and delicate than these stunning little paper butterflies. As expected with work from The Aviary, these come brilliantly packaged and are perfect to put inside that tear-jerking Valentines card, attached to pin-boards or if you’re feeling extra creative why not string them together as an alternative to bunting? I’d be very impressed to be served breakfast in bed with these strung across a doorway!
But then again, they are also a brilliant alternative to the conventional-oh-so-boring scattered rose petals. Imagine these trailing upstairs, as part of wrapping for a gift or on a table for a nice home cooked romantic meal.

You won’t break the bank or someone’s heart with these fluttering lovelies!

Porcelain Key Pendants....
from our recently-blogged Katherine Lees (remember the exquisite Frozen Charlotte pins!?...) we have these delicate porcelain and silver Victorian-inspired jewellery. With Katherine’s work, for me, the excitement lies in the history and attention she puts into her creations. It was said that in Victorian Britain, the key was symbolic for status and suggested a woman had secrets locked away- and it’s this attention to detail that makes these pendants such a perfect Valentine’s gift; a mixture of tradition, beautiful crafting and the guaranteed smile on your other halves face when they open this stunning handmade, thoughtful gift.

Alternatively, get them the Next Voucher......


**Solid Silver Rings....that are a less gut wrenching alternative to the ol’ engagement ring.

I remember BUG’s work in the shop at Christmas time and I kid you not, I have never seen a more happy lovely lady than when her husband bought her one of BUG’s pieces of jewellery. If I remember correctly, she loved these brushed silver pieces because they were unusual and mainly, NOT ON THE HIGHSTREET and I really think that is so important for Valentine’s Day- a gift that is handcrafted and in limited supply, it really makes the thought extra special and extra appreciated!

These rings are so delicate, natural-looking, subtle yet striking (and I really don’t know how many more adjectives I’d need to say how lovely these are!). Admittedly they are slightly more expensive than the other items on our ‘Our Valentine’s Landbaby- Loves’ but you get what you pay for.... handcrafted, solid silver and most importantly, made with so much attention to detail and care.

**’I Love You’ card...

by littlegreenshed. Don’t worry, Alan Titchmarsh isn’t going to be lurking behind a display cabinet when you pop in to the shop (heaven forbid). But littlegreenshed have really created a Valentines Card unlike the others. Personally I get a little bit tired of seeing Bears holding hearts, garish colours, high heels, footballs (and other gender stereotypes) on the front of your bog-standard grettings card yet this one is perfect; doing away with all the glitter and in-your-face images, these are beautiful designs to house your most treasured thoughts to your loved one and would look stunning framed and put on a bookshelf or somewhere similar.

psssst, we do have other Valentine’s Cards in for your perusal and admiration too, mind!

**Cupcake Teacup Trio....

Without wanting to sound too grouchy, I am getting a little tired of picking up tea cups in shops and finding a whopping candle popped in the centre. And I must admit, I thought the same when I first saw these. But, oh the folly of youth! These are REAL teacups with REAL cakes inside them. Coming wrapped up beautifully, in a range of different cups and cakes, these are a great affordable Valentine’s gesture. Which the object of your affections can use, and reuse with a lovely pot of tea.
Now can you say that about your sweet delights, Mary Berry?

Just a quick side note, these are available to order through us so send us a message on facebook, twitter or just pop in, we’re friendly enough!

**Paper Roses...
made to order, our delightful paper roses make a great alternative to your usual bunch of flowers. And what’s even better, they last 397594375945 times as long! Attached to a rounded wooden stick, the paper roses work really well on your romantic dinner table, propping up the side of an office desk or even sitting comfortably on a mantel piece.

And as with all of our other Valentine’s recommends, they are handmade with the love and attention of our very own Claire Bates. Like with the Cupcake Teacup’s just pop in, drop us a facebook message etc and we can sort you out with as little or as many as these paper pretties as you like